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Outdoor Decorative Collections

Designed to enhance every space, these mindfully-made collections are our most customizable yet.

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A relaxing outdoor retreat just outside your door.
National Hardware’s Outdoor Decorative Collections, Hartley™ and Indio™ are mindfully made and designed for you. It’s all about the details. Clean lines, cool steel and a finish that make these collections standout.
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Quality is timeless, and that’s why these collections are designed with a Storm Shine™ Finish. The Storm Shine™ Finish means it’s built to withstand whatever the weather throws at you. That includes rain, snow, dust and your annual family water balloon fight. These premium collections are rich in color and stand the test of time.

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Two Versatile Collections

Whether you are looking to upgrade your outdoor pergola or your garden bed, with two outdoor collections to choose from, you’ll find the look you love. Each piece is one of a kind and is an effortlessly stylish way to upgrade your outdoor space.

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Designed for every space, National Hardware’s Hartley™ Collection is all about the finer details. It emphasizes symmetrical curved detailed lines and soft rounded ends. The smooth finish brings an elevated elegance and sense of comfort to your outdoor space.

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Popularized by the design styles from New York to Palm Springs, the Indio™ Collection is defined by symmetrical lines, square ends and a straight forward design. This statement maker collection with sophisticated design style is a must have when paired against any piece of stained wood.

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Products For Both Collections
Decorative pieces for both the Hartley™ and Indio™ Collections. Design Styles that are both simple and classic, that can be used for both collections.
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National Hardware makes it easy to realize your outdoor style.
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